Come Away

Come away with me
The night is waiting I will set you free
Come, enter this Mystery

The secrets of your fate
Are etched on your face, in your heart
Your soul’s weight
Has made of you a work of art

It’s time to let go
Yield to the current of the Deeper Flow
Some things you will never know

Leave your regrets behind
Another vision waits for you
Let your thoughts unwind
There’s nothing more for you to do

     Close your eyes
     Feel my hand in yours
     I bid you rise
     Before us stands an open door

Hold on to me
Across the threshold I will carry thee
You are exactly where you’re meant to be

Here in my embrace
your moment has come at last
I grant you every grace
As into the Unknown you pass

Come away with me
It's time to let go
Hold on to me
Come away, come away


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